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Dear Reader: This page is an incomplete listing and links to information gathered from conferences, internet searches and unconfirmed sources. Please use this information with a certain amount of caution and respect for the inaccuracies that it may contain.  This is a work in progress and I plan to update the information as I learn more.

Please inform me of any corrections or additions that you may discover.
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in alphabetical order
Anas Platyrhynchos  (Mallard) Stockente
   Karl-Josef Müller - email: k.-j.mueller@t-online.de
Mr. Mueller said that about February 2001 he will have published a proving and 5 cases on the mallard.

Ara Macao   (Scarlet Macaw) Arakanga / Hellroter Ara
  Jonathan Shore?  
http://thewildones.org/Animals/aramacao.html - for some interesting facts

Buteo Jamaicensis – (Red-tailed Hawk) Rotschwanzbussard
   Virgina Baker

Cathartes aura  - (Turkey Vulture) Truthahngeier
   Todd Rowe

SERCH (Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy) has conducted homeopathic proving research since its inception and Turkey Vulture is one of these.
http://i-bird.com/gallery/gallery.htm - information

Columba livia (rock dove, domestic pigeon)  Felsentaube/Haustaube

Corvus corax – (Common Raven) Kolkrabe
   Greg Bedayn and Jessica Jackson

Falco Peregrinus Disciplinatus –  (Peregrin Falcon) Wanderfalke (abgerichteter)- remedy prepared from the blood and feather of a Peregrine Tiercel who had been bred in captivity and trained to hunt in a natural manner. Nesbitt is the Peregrine Tiercel who provided the substance for the remedy Falco.
   Misha Norland - proving information

Haliaeetus leucocephalus -  (American Bald eagle, feather,  Amerikanischer Weisskopfseeadler )
  Jeremy Sherr - http://www.dynamis.edu/   - proving information

Haliaeetus leucocephalus Sanguis -  (American Bald eagle blood, Amerikanischer Weisskopfseeadler-Blut )
   Jeremy Sherr - http://www.dynamis.edu/  - proving information

Indian Eagle - (Indian Eagle, Indischer Adler )
  Dyvia Chabra
    Year of Proving  1994

Larus argentatus (sea gull) Silbermöwe. This one was published in "Hom. links" 2/97.

Ovi gallinae pellicula (membrane of Shell of a Hen's Egg)

Oscillococcinum – The medicine is manufactured from wild duck heart and liver, a well-known reservoir for influenza viruses.

Serinus canaria (Canary bird),  Kanarienvogel
   Karl-Josef Müller   Year of Proving  1997
email: k.-j.mueller@t-online.de
He has agreed to send a copy of the proving written in German.
http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/grahamwhiteEC/    - history of canary and more

Conference Notes Concerning Bird Remedies:
When I attended the NCH Regional Conference held in Tempe, Arizona in October 2000, I was inspired. The conference was hosted by the Phoenix Homeopathic Study Group at the Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy. If you wish to be put on a mailing list or request more information about future events, then contact the Conference Director Lesley Hesselmann at phone 602-439-1589 email: lesleypatrick@worldnet.att.net.

Interesting Book:
"The Human Nature of Birds, a scientific discovery with startling implications" Theodore Zenophon Barber, PhD.;  St. Martins Press, New York, 1995

Other Creatures of the AIR . . . . .

Butterfly -  Agamemnon graphium (Tailed Jay, Schwalbenschwanzart )
Graphium agamemnon (Linnaeus, 1758)
        Tailed Jay or Green-spotted Triangle Butterfly

http://www.fnal.gov/ecology/wildlife/pict_list.html - pictures of many kinds of birds.
http://i-bird.com/gallery/gallery.htm - more pictures and data