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Julie E. Brent


If you are ready to take an active role in your health and healing you are ready for an Integrative Health Consultation.

Integrative Health Consultation for common health issues such as:

Digestive disorders - Sleeplessness - Migraines - Depression - Anxiety - Addictions - Chronic pain - Allergies - Grief

To schedule your appointment call or email Julie E. Brent
At 251-504-5328cell  Email:

    The process begins with a heart to heart talk with Julie sharing your thoughts about your physical and emotional and concerns. This process will help both of us understand what you want to work on so that a plan can be developed for you to regain your control of your own healing.

    Integrative means that you combine your work with your primary care physician with proven methods to reduce stress that are normally outside of the physician’s work with you. If you have depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic pain, digestive disorders, allergies, grief, just to name a few common problems, you may want to learn what possibilities are available to you through an integrative health approach.

    An Integrative Health approach does not exclude the work that you are already doing with your primary care physician. It will be a way to incorporate various stress reduction techniques into your life that will improve your body’s ability to use the medical treatments you and your physician have already chosen.

    Studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) have shown that stress is a significant factor in most major health problems. Some research for you to investigate if you choose: JAMA (Vol. 283, No. 14); Psychosomatic Medicine in 1999 (Vol. 61, No.26). Also on the web: ; Part of this article follows in this quote.
    (Dr.) Krantz's own work has focused on identifying factors that trigger myocardial ischemia, which occurs when the heart doesn't get the blood supply  it needs. In laboratory experiments, for example, he has provoked ischemia via such mental stresses as math exercises and harassment. He has also studied stress's impact on ischemia in everyday life by asking patients to keep detailed diaries of their activities and emotions.
    "What surprises me about our findings over the years is that mental stress is about as powerful as strenuous exercise as a trigger for ischemia," says Krantz, professor and chair of the department of  medical and clinical psychology at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Md. "This suggests that stress management may be an appropriate addition to rehabilitation programs for patients with coronary disease."
    Additionally, the following  link gives a short summary of several studies:   Quote from one of the studies says: "The results found that the risk of contracting a cold was related to a number of psychosocial factors. One of the most  interesting factors was the number of intimate social roles the person was engaged in, such as parent, spouse, close friend, and nine other roles. The risk of contacting a cold was also related to chronic stress and poor health habits."

    Creating your plan will be the first step in the unraveling of the complex path you have taken on your life's journey and how this journey has contributed to your current state of health.  You can learn to have compassion for your body and mind and to find a path that is joyous toward good health.

    The Integrative Health Consultation offers a practical way to learn about the various alternative methods for healing through the process of removing stress from your mind and body. In addition to learning tools for your personal use, you may choose to have a bodywork session (i.e.: Reflexology, Reiki, massage) or exercise session (i.e.: yoga, chi gong, tai chi) for one or more of your consultations.

Typical Session descriptions for Integrative Health Consultation:

First session - to explore and ask questions of Julie and develop a sense of the process and discuss overall health issues. Health audit and facts about your health history discussed.

Session two – going deeper into your specific needs and health issues. The beginning of a plan will emerge usually in this session. You will choose some work to do for yourself to accomplish between the 2nd and 3rd session. This empowers you with your new tools for healing.

Session three – Review of the work completed between sessions with reports of results. Exploring more of your needs, new choices emerge for deeper work between sessions. Thirty minutes of Reflexology or massage treatment.

Session four – Review the work done between sessions with reports of results. Exploration of breathing and stretching during this session and learning to let go of stress through meditative movement.
You may have as many sessions as needed to assist you in your personal journey toward healing.

Fees: Sliding Scale based on income ($77.00 - $33.00 range) per hour.
By appointment only
Offices in Campbellsburg or Lexington, Kentucky or by telephone.

"Each person carries his own doctor inside him. . .they come to us not knowing that truth.
We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each person a chance to go to work"                                                                                    Albert Schweitzer

Training & Certifications
For Julie E. Brent

Consulting: Regenesis Training – Autogenics, Progressive Relaxation, Biofeedback, Creative Visualization, Kinesiology, and Meditation
Energy remedies: Flower Remedies, Classical Homeopathy and aromatherapy
Exercise Modalities: Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong
Physical body work: Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Myofacial Release, Trepidation’s, Hot Stones
Energy body work: Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Polarity, Jin Shin, Shiatsu, Touch for Health, Breath work
Spiritual: Ordained Minister
Educator: Masters Degree in Education, Continuing Research and Studies in Human physiology, Herbology, Music Therapy, Labyrinth, Native American Medicine Wheel, African Shamanism, Sacred geometry, and Geobiology
Related Experience: Medical Records, Medical Secretary; studies in Introduction to Psychology, Psychology of the Child and Human Osteology. Worked as Medical Illustrator, Massage therapist for Chiropractor, Curriculum planner for Massage School, teacher of "drawing what you can’t see" classes.

Classes available for Reiki, Yoga, Meditation,and Sacred Geometry - please ask about current class schedule.

Integrative Health Consultation for common health issues such as:

Digestive disorders - Sleeplessness - Migraines - Depression - Anxiety - Addictions

- Chronic pain - Allergies - Grief

To schedule your appointment call

Julie E. Brent

At 251-504-5328 cell

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