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June 2007
continued. . .

Pensacola FL - April, 2007 - Pictures speak a thousand words! In the Basic Live class there was an opportunity to share their love and QT with Betty who worked at the local health food cooperative. She shows her spine with a kyphosis in the first picture. The second photo was taken after the entire class worked on her for about 90 minutes using mostly the basic newly learned QT techniques. There is a marked difference in the location of her shoulders and there is even a hint of her waist reappearing.
    The class was very excited that they had the chance to work with Betty.

 The Quantum Universe

by Barbara Haines
continued . . .

however, about both of these movie phenomena is that they were made entirely outside of modern, mainstream culture. They were privately produced with one released in smaller ‘artsy’ cinemas, the other an internet success before even being released onto DVD. These were movies that nobody in Hollywood would touch, and both set the film industry on its ear. Their incredible success illustrates that we are at a new paradigm shift—the world is hungry for just this sort of information.

     People are ready to take back control of their lives, their futures and their health. And what a perfect time for Quantum-Touch ® to step in! People don’t need to be overwhelmed with the science—they just need to see the results to know that it works. I’ve done all sorts of energy and healing work for the last 30 years, but have never seen the amazing depth of results with any other modality in the short time that I’ve been exposed to Quantum-Touch ®. It’s made a believer out of me by proving that it works, that it’s simple to do, it produces no side-effects and, in the gold-standard of science, its results are repeatable again and again.
      Now, I’m ready for the movie version of Quantum-Touch ® to show the world what healing is all about!

 seeing you well

by Julie E. Brent
    It is my vision to 'Quantum-Touch®' as many people as possible by teaching classes, hosting video workshops, and giving cafe-sessions to those who cross my path.
    I sure hope you will join me, Richard Gordon, all most all of the people you see listed as staff, practitioners and instructors on the Quantum Touch web pages in seeing that vision manifest.


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