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July 2007


Dear Friends,

This month I am including more incredible changes that
have come about in our Quantum-Touch® Classes.
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Be Happy & Well!
Julie E. Brent
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  • Your Love Has  IMPACT by Julie E. Brent
    Just cannot say enough about how much the QT classes change peoples lives. This month I have a great set of photos to share. One young woman on the second day pulled up her pants legs for us to see her legs, which were bowed. She never really thought about this but said she would like the class to practice QT on her legs.. .. See pictures of the dramatic outcome here
    lynnconnieLynn, Bedford, KY
    Dear Julie,

    Sorry that I have not contacted you sooner about what happened on Monday but have been in state of awe. It just blew me away. Am reading the book and can't hardly put it down. . .
    Pictured are Connie from last months news and Lynn receiving QT.

    Lisa's Stories:

    My mother has been having abdominal pain for the last couple of years. She has had many tests with nothing abnormal, just 6 enlarged lymph nodes in her abdomen. The doctor has been repeating her CT scan every 6 months for 2 years with no change. She let me run energy on her abdomen once a day for about a week and again when the pain bothered her. She went back for her latest CT last week.

    AND  . . Lisa's Daughter
    My 17 y/o daughter was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarylisareceiving Syndrome about 3 months ago. I began running energy on her ovaries and thyroid. I also asked for others thru the newsletter and Julie to send some distance healing her way. She had been gaining approx 10 lbs a month . . .

    Out of the Blue .  . . Blue Dixon
    blueTo begin with I would like to thank Julie Brent so much for her continued support and encouragement in my practice of QT. Since I was introduced to QT my life seems to be easier in many ways and has taught me just how simple things can be if we allow it. Have you ever noticed how complicated we try a make things in this age of high technology? Going to every painstaking efforts imaginable to make something happen, until we finally figure out, there has got to an easier way to go about things. Well this is what QT is beginning to teach me, not only in my massage practice, but in all avenues of life. I would like to share with you briefly one of my experiences that I’ve had since I began using QT
    Read more....
    The Quantum Universe . . . by Barbara Haines
    Another Quantum Success!
    A couple weeks ago, I had one of my normally docile mares lash out and kick me in the hand. Ow! You can see from the ‘before’ photo what happened within moments of that kick—she caught me with a part of her hoof and split open a long, deep wound on the back of my hand and caused incredible tissue damage and swelling. hand
    Luckily, nothing was broken
    although I couldn’t even tell that at the time due to the severe pain and swelling. I rushed into the house and ran some cold tap water over my hand, then patted it dry with a paper towel. Despite how gruesome it looked, my first thought was ‘Piece of cake--I can fix that” and I started to run some energy into it.

    Immediately, I stopped and thought, “Not yet! First, I have to find my camera and get a ‘before’ picture or Julie will shoot me!” So, I
    dutifully stood outside and snapped away. When I did run the energy, the pain immediately disappeared and the bleeding, even from an extremely deep cut that needed sutures, also stopped.

     Although you’d never believe it to look at it, I was able to type on my computer keyboard without pain (just some tight tissue from the swelling) on that first day! The next morning, my hand was pain- and bruise-free, and the swelling had gone down considerably. The wound had started to heal over, but was still quite deep and would sometimes split open and bleed a little during the next three days or so if I used the hand and exerted it at all. Everyone who saw it kept saying, “You need to go to a doctor and get stitches in that!” but I was . . . .
    Read more... 
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