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Reflexology has helped millions of people all over the world.
Eunice Ingham in the 1930's (http://www.reflexology-usa.net/) developed the language and style of 'footwork' that we call reflexology today. The basic premise of reflexology was known long ago, we even find a pictograph in one of the pyramids in Egypt that shows the art of healing by working on the feet and hands.
  Egypt Reflexology Image
Personally, I have been using Reflexology to assist my clients in self discovery and improving their bodies ability to heal since 1986. If you would like to have a reflexology session with me please contact me at my office in Kentucky. I also teach Self-Help workshops regularly to assist you in self-healing.
By email AskJulieEBrent@gmail.com or by phone 251.504.5328.

I have developed a treatment, I call "Reflexation" that is based on Reflexology but also combines several styles of bodywork, including Reiki, shiatsu and polarity. In the following picture I am working on a client in my 'gravity chair'. I sit on the floor and work on the feet for 30 minutes, the hands for 10 minutes and the back, neck, head and scalp for the next 20 minutes, while you are in an inverted position.
This Reflexation session is the most relaxing treatment they have received anywhere according to 90% of my clients.

If you are interested in learning how to give a Reflexation session please go to this page http://www.moonsunearth.com/reflex.html

Latest Research....

Foot Reflexology and Recent fMRI Research
Precepts of reflexology have once again been upheld

Basic precepts of reflexology have once again been upheld by a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) study. Sensory stimulation applied to specific reflex areas activated specific parts of the brain correlated with the reflex area. The eye, shoulder and small intestine reflex areas of the left foot were recently tested by Japanese researchers and reaffirmed previous findings in three
studies by researchers from Hong Kong
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