Seeing With Intention
Digital Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops usually on weekends
 Entire weekend Sat. Sunrise to Sunset, Sun. Sunrise-2 pm
  Instruction for beginners and intermediate & wide range of subjects.
Classes fill quickly so register early, space limited.  
Julie E. Brent  is your experienced photographer-instructor  
Seasonal Landscapes around the country offered.
Past workshops in Kentucky, Alabama and more. Camping,

Hotels and B & B or Historic Lodging suggestions on request.

It's a Great Time to Take a Digital Photography Workshop

For me photography is to place head heart and eye along the same line of sight. It is a way of life. - Henri Cartier-Bresson

The focus in all of my digital photography workshops is SEEING!
That is the essence of all great photography...the photographer captured something that they saw in a specific way. Often when we look at our photos we wonder what it was that we wanted to capture in that frame. These workshops are designed to 'get' you there.

Julie E. Brent - Instructor
Resume - All the other interests Julie has

2009 Class Schedule

Digital Camera Basics offered on Request
Fee: $40. Call to reserve a time for your workshop 251-504-5328

2010 Workshops
Feb. 21 & 27 Seeing With Intention at Eastern Shore Art Center
Jun. 8,15,22,29  Seeing With Intention at Eastern Shore Art Center

How to Register and What to Bring . . .

Registration by Credit Card using PayPal link on the class page or by invoice Email Registration with Secure PayPal or print out registration form and mail check.

Deadline two weeks before class, please call to check if you need to register closer to the workshop date. Venues must be guaranteed or cancelled and this time frame makes that possible.

What to Bring: - Digital Camera and instruction book - Extra lens or camera extras, tripod - Digital Media cards (empty) for your camera - Blank CD-RW read/write format or thumbdrive - Laptop computer if you have one - notebook, writing implement - a willingness to try something new

Julie E Brent
PO Box 33, Campbellsburg, KY 40011
Tel: (251)504 5328
E-mail: julieebrent @
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